Be a Margaretti

Brand Ambassador

5% commission

for every jewellery piece sold

Unlimited 15% off

when you buy

Margaretti jewellery

Please fill in the form below to sign up. Successful applicants will receive more details and the full Brand Ambassador agreement.

Some information to know:

1. The 5% commission is calculated after all taxes, discounts and/or markdowns are deducted. 

2. The 15% discount for brand ambassadors only and cannot be used with other discounts.  

3. Your commission will be paid by check within 1 month after the end of each month. e.g. The commission for April 2018 will be paid in May 2018.

4. You will be provided a unique code. When someone uses your code to buy Margaretti jewellery, you will get the 5% commission.

5. For you to get the 15% discount, you would need to physically come to Margaretti's location to buy jewellery.

6. Margaretti Brand Ambassadors are for life, provided that you remain in good conduct. A person may cease to be a brand ambassador by committing crimes or by engaging in negative verbal and physical actions that may damage Margaretti's reputation. In such instances, all previous and future commission and discounts will be suspended.

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