A combination of meticulous craftsmanship, natural diamonds and 18k gold are masterpieces that lasts for generations...

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Diamond Bird (SGD 1800)
Let grace and freedom remind you of who you are
Diamond Bird (SGD 1800)
Grace and freedom are within you
Forever Love (SGD 1600)
Remind your loved one, and even yourself, that love never ends
Butterflies (SGD 2800)
Express yourself with graceful and free butterflies
Royal (SGD 3800)
A feeling of elegance and timeless
Warm Love (SGD 2500)
A special remembrance for who are love
Sparkle (SGD 2500)
A heart full of love never fails to sparkle
Butterfly (SGD 2300)
When you face hard times, you can soar and be free like butterflies and conquer all
Hearts (SGD 4000)
Love is strong, love is kind, true love endures
Royal Palace (SGD 6000)
Exquisite and Excellent.
Classic (SGD 7500)
An excellent masterpiece for important events
Timeless (SGD 10,000)
A true testimony of fine craftsmanship that can stand the test of time.
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