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Warranties for Products Sold by Margaretti

Margaretti & Co. guarantees and warrants all products sold are free from manufacturing defects for the life of the products. If you believe your item has manufacturing defects, please visit us for inspection. In the case where we determine it is a manufacturing defect, we will repair your item at no cost (repair and shipping cost). If the damage is not caused by our manufacturing processes, we will notify you and will repair the item with a discounted cost.


Margaretti & Co. makes no explicit representations or warranties except those claims in writing and reviewed by the purchaser. No prior words or conduct tending to negate or limit the warranty shall be construed as part of this warranty. No warranty shall cover damages caused by heat, chemical, sweat, nor does it cover damage or defects arising from normal wear, collision, friction, hit, fall or misuse. The Warranty does not cover repair and maintaining of diamond or gemstones that fall off from jewelry. Warranties are not transferable. Any alterations, service, repair performed by any party other than Margaretti & Co. will deem the warranty null and void. No warranty covers replacement of lost, stolen, or misordered items. The replacement of these occurrences would be solely the Buyer's responsibility.

Any warranty applied only to jewelry items purchased. United States buyers are responsible for return shipping charges and insurance. International buyers will be responsible for return shipping charges, insurance and customs charges.

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