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Do I need to pay shipping costs?

Margaretti provides free shipping for all orders. Customers may choose 2 Day shipping for an additional $30 shipping cost. You may also read our shipping policy here.

Can I change the shipping method or request to pick up at a Fedex or UPS location?

Any changes to the shipping process lies entirely out of Margaretti's control. Nevertheless, we are pleased to assist you with any requests. 

Do you ship outside the United States?

Currently, Margaretti only ships to domestic destinations.

Returns & Exchange

Returns & Exchange

Can I return items bought at Margaretti and

Unfortunately, returns are not accepted at Margaretti. Please see our return policy here.

Can I exchange items bought at Margaretti and

Certain limitations apply for exchanges. Please visit our exchange policy here.

Ring Resize

Ring Resize

Can I resize my ring, even if I did not purchase it from Margaretti?

Yes! Please visit our stores for ring resize services.

Custom Services

Custom Services

Do you offer custom designing services for jewelry?

Yes! Please visit our stores so we can work on a personal basis with you to design your dream jewelry piece.

I own some gemstones. Can I use them to customize jewelry?

Definitely. We can design jewelry that uses your gemstones, and craft them into a masterpiece.

Can I buy diamonds and other gemstones through Margaretti?

Yes. Margaretti offers services to help you find your perfect carat sized diamond or gem.

I own old jewelry. Can Margaretti help me redesign them?

Yes! Please bring your old jewelry to our stores and our designers are happy to assist you.

Does Margaretti provide appraisal services?

Unfortunately, we do not provide appraisal services. 


Do you offer warranty for jewelry?

Yes. We have a lifetime warranty for every product that is sold at Margaretti. Please see our warranty policy here for more information.

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